Our local lawyers + AI create blog posts for your firm's website that reach millions of clients on Google organically

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Why Us?

Stop begging your lawyers to create blog content. Let us handle everything

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We take care of everything so you and your lawyers can get back to billing clients. From coming up with titles, to drafting a high quality lawyer written article, with images, to editing, and to uploading on WordPress, we do it all.

  • We pick a blog post title using Ahrefs and Semrush on a subject that your firm can rank highly on Google for and for which will drive client consultations.

  • Our lawyers generate your blog post using their expertise plus AI and then feed it into Grammarly to make the whole process efficient and affordable.

  • We post the blog article, completed with Canva created art, on your WordPress site (or you can elect to post it yourself).


First, we use third party services like Ahrefs and Semrush to discover what to blog about every time, and then we use local lawyers to prompt our proprietary AI to draft a blog post outline efficiently. Next, our lawyers fill in the outline manually, making sure the post explains the local (US by state, Canada by province) law correctly, before sending it off to our custom grammar and spelling editing software.

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Unlike general content marketing agencies, we specialize in legal information content that drives client consultations only. We accomplish this because we are lawyers ourselves and, after running boutique law firms, became subject matter experts in the field of SEO, AI and legal niche blogging.

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1 Post Per Month

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  • Lawyer drafted and edited 1500 word blog posts
  • Blog posts designed to attract clients not educate other lawyers
  • Canva art featured image is included
  • Ghostwritten so you can claim any lawyer at your law firm is the author
  • Quarterly SEO reports
  • Internal and external backlinks

1 Post Per Day

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  • Full SEO audit and repair for your WordPress site
  • 10 backlinks from high DA law firm websites
  • Weekly SEO reports
  • 4 Inforgraphics per quarter
  • 2000 word blog posts
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