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Employment Contract Template

goHeather's employment contracts are made from templates that are easy to customize, containing all the key terms and conditions your business should be using as a savvy employer. It's free to try without a credit card and you can watch your sample employment contract grow as you fill out goHeather's short form. In just five minutes, you can download your Nova Scotia employment contract in PDF. Our employment contracts come with a free job offer letter!

Key Clauses
goHeather's employment contracts include the key clauses an employer should generally have in an employment contract in Nova Scotia.
Cost Saving Terms
Employers who use goHeather's employment contracts could save thousands of dollars in costly damages because we use employer-friendly terms that contract out of the common law.
Restrictive Covenants
goHeather's employment contracts have the option to insert, for no extra cost, restrictive covenants like a Non-Solicitation Clause.
Modern Considerations
goHeather's contracts are modern, offering the latest in legal trends, including options for contracting for hybrid/remote work arrangements and contemplation of a temporary layoff without a breach of contract.
Up to Date
goHeather's contracts are updated when a settled law changes in Nova Scotia so you can be confident your new goHeather contract does not contain any recently-held void terms.
Simple and Persuasive
goHeather's employment contract templates are straight and to the point, being just a few pages long, and they are written without intimidating legalese that scares and confuses new hires.

We Have The Key Clauses

goHeather's Nova Scotia employment contracts include key employer-friendly clauses as free customizable options. You can make a simple or a sophisticated employment contract for free. Buy it only if you like it then download it in PDF

Make your employment contract sample your own with goHeather's options:

  • Termination clause
  • Resignation clause
  • Probation clause
  • Covid era clauses
  • Restrictive covenants
  • Background check consent
  • Layoff without breach of agreement clause
  • Bonus plan
  • Entire agreement clause
  • Exclusivity clause
  • Severability clause
  • Protection of Intellectual Property, Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure clause
  • Remote and hybrid work clause with recall rights
  • Temporary or permanent employment choices
  • And many more key clauses that help employers limit liability! 
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Leverage goHeather's expertise to hire employees professionally with our standard Nova Scotia employment agreement:

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Your Business Needs An Employment Contract

Why Use an Employment Contract? In Nova Scotia, all employment relationships are contractual whether or not a written employment contract is signed. Any time an employment relationship is commenced, an employer and employee have a “contract” to perform things (e.g. employee promises to work, and the employer promises to pay wages). An employment agreement is instantly implied as soon as the employment relationship is formed.

When there is no written employment contract, and instead there is an implied employment contract, then terms and conditions of employment will be governed by the common law.

In light of the relatively generous rights of employees implied by the common law, most employers in Nova Scotia should require their employees to sign a written employment contract prior to commencing work. A written employment agreement can displace the common law entitlements implied on an employment relationship or add on to them. This is why even a basic employment contract template can be helpful for employers, but a more advanced one, like with goHeather, is even better.

Are Employment Contracts Enforceable? Employment contracts are generally enforceable unless there is a specific defect that makes them unenforceable, including, but not limited to: lack of consideration and failure to comply with employment standards.

Employment legal documents are nuanced and require careful and considered legal knowledge of every jurisdiction's own employment standards and jurisprudence. For example, a document made for California, USA employers will likely not be enforceable in Nova Scotia, Canada because of different employment standards in those jurisdictions. Likewise, an outlier case in the courts could change the law instantly in any jurisdiction.

goHeather's contracts are designed to be enforceable. All our contract templates are tailored by employment lawyers and they are constantly updated to keep up to date with the latest changes in the law. The reason why we created goHeather was to help SMBs download inexpensive employment contract templates without fear of outdated or illegal clauses. A common issue we found was employers were downloading American contracts for their Nova Scotia business, yet they did not even know the contract they downloaded was void where they operate.

With goHeather, it is so simple and inexpensive to make a solid Nova Scotia employment contract for your business from our template. Fill in a few details on our lawyer-made contract model, watch the contract sample grow, and save the contract in PDF or convert it to Microsoft Word later. It is that easy and it is FREE to try!
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