Professional Employment Contract Templates

goHeather is a modern HR tool that lets you quickly build a professional employment contract from a local lawyer-made Template.

goHeather's employment contract Templates are created by locally licensed employment lawyers
goHeather's employment contract Templates are custom-made for each jurisdiction we operate in
goheather employment contract templates

Stop making mistakes in your employment contracts

goHeather asks you questions, guiding you through scenarios to help you make a comprehensive employment contract that protects your business from liability.

goHeather does not let you add your own text. We already included in Templates every clause a reasonable employer should include. We prevent you from making mistakes.

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Employment contracts in minutes

Make professional employment contracts quickly. We’ll simply ask you a few questions to instantly build you an employment contract that works for your business. As soon as you fill out the form, the document is complete!

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Build and watch your contract grow for free and only pay for it if you like it.
Fast and simple
goHeather's lawyers already did all the legal research and writing, so you just have to answer a few questions on a form.
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Local employment contracts that work

Different jurisdictions have different legal requirements for employment contracts. An employment contract that works in one jurisdiction will likely not work in another. That is why all of goHeather's employment contracts are tailor-made for each jurisdiction we operate in.

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Local employment lawyers write our Templates
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If we haven't made an employment contract for your jurisdiction, we don't offer one
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Hire more employees with a contract to save liability and costs when you have to terminate them
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Employment contracts that limit liability

Hire employees worry-free. goHeather helps protect your business from legal liability and limits the cost of employee termination with industry-standard terms and conditions included in every contract.

Send a Heather employment contract with an email with a box for e-signatures

Get more signed contracts

Never miss an employee's signature on an employment contract with goHeather's e-signature Send, Sign and Collect features right from the Dashboard CRM. Your new employee will be emailed a job offer cover letter email containing all the information they need before they start and a copy of your new employment contract to sign. Then when the employee signs the contract, you are notified and a copy will be saved in your Dashboard CRM.

View all your company's key employee information and documents like contracts in the Heather dashboard

Store and view employment contracts

Every contract you make and have signed on goHeather is saved in our Dashboard CRM to view, download or print. On the Dashboard CRM, you can easily view all your employees at a glance or click to view an individual employee's profile to view all their important information that was created when they were on-boarded with the goHeather contract.

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Contract Builder
Easily and quickly create a professional employment contract from goHeather's Template for your business.
Send and Sign
Easily send goHeather employment contracts to your new employees to sign electronically or traditionally from our Dashboard HR CMS.
Dashboard HR CMS
Easily and quickly access all your employees' key information and contracts in our Dashboard HR CMS.
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goHeather Employment Contracts

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Fast And Easy Employment Contracts


goHeather prioritizes making employment contracts that meet local minimum legal requirements for employers. This means your business's contracts are more enforceable in your jurisdiction.


goHeather's employment contracts maximize employer legal rights and limit employer liability. This means your contracts come with industry-standard terms and conditions that are more friendly to employers.


goHeather reviews local legal changes and industry trends, and updates our contracts as needed. This means that your employment contracts are up to date at the time you make them.

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Frequently Asked Questions
We have answers to all your questions

Are eSignatures as enforceable as traditional signatures? 

In Canada and in the USA, electronic signatures are enforceable for employment contracts just like “wet ink” signatures.

Also, keeping your data secure is important to us. Our legally-binding eSignature software is ESIGN and UETA compliant, and we provide an electronic certificate with every signed document.

Can I edit goHeather’s contract?

With goHeather, you can build a custom contract using Heather’s premade clauses, choosing which clauses to include in your contract as you go. However, you cannot edit the contents of the clauses in the application because if you were to edit the clause yourself without a lawyer, you would seriously risk making it unenforceable. goHeather is designed to help protect you from making bad contracts.

What are goHeather's technology requirements?

You must use the browser on your PC or Mac to use Heather's services. You cannot use our services on a mobile phone.

Does goHeather offer refunds?

goHeather does not provide refunds after you have purchased your contract. However, you can see if you like your contract by building one and viewing it for free before you purchase it.

What's so special about goHeather's employment contracts?

Local lawyers write each of our Templates with a view to enforceability and liability protection. This way, goHeather's employment contracts are more enforceable and serve to better protect your business. For example, a contract for sale online by one of our competitors made for California employers may not be enforceable in Ontario because of different employment standards in these jurisdictions. However, unlike our competitors, all of our employment contracts are tailor-made for each different jurisdiction we operate in. We do not sell contracts for jurisdictions we do not have a contract template built for. All our contracts are local.

Can I get legal advice?

We are not a law firm or a lawyer and cannot offer legal advice or support. If you need legal help, contact a licensed lawyer in your jurisdiction. We cannot provide legal advice or support before you use our services, while you use our services or after you use our services. We also do not refer lawyers or recommend any one lawyer or law firm.

Is goHeather an application for employees?

No. goHeather is only for employers. Employees do not have access to goHeather. Employers use goHeather to create and send employment contracts to employees, while employees are only given access to a form to sign their employment contract. Thereafter, only Employers have access to Heather's CMS dashboard containing employee profiles and copies of contracts.

Does goHeather offer technical support?

Yes we provide technical support. Use the chat button in the app for help with the contract or send us an email

Contract Like A Pro

goHeather's employment contracts are professionally made and industry-leading. Take advantage of our expertise by using our employment contracts for your business.  

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