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We provide high quality legal information, not legal services, so you can make your own employment contract custom-fit to your business easily and inexpensively.
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goHeather asks you a few questions, guiding you through scenarios to help you make a comprehensive, more enforceable document

A local lawyer wrote every single word in our document templates. Our documents are up to date and modeled for enforceability

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Make professional contracts quickly. We’ll ask you a few questions to instantly build you a contract.  Make your  contract basic, simple, standard or sophisticated - we have all the options you need.

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Different jurisdictions have different legal requirements for contracts. An contract that works in one jurisdiction will likely not work in another. That is why all of goHeather's contracts are tailor-made for each jurisdiction we operate in.

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goHeather helps protect your business from legal liability and limits the cost things like employee termination with industry-standard terms and conditions included in every contract.

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Fast And Easy Employment Contracts


goHeather prioritizes making employment contracts that meet local minimum legal requirements for employers. This means your business's contracts are more enforceable.


goHeather's employment contracts maximize employer legal rights and limit employer liability. goHeather contracts come with industry-standard terms that are more friendly to employers.


goHeather reviews local legal changes and industry trends, and updates our contracts as needed. This means that your employment contracts are up to date when you make them.

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Gain control of all your company's HR documents with goHeather API. On our Enterprise Plans, you have access to unlimited kinds of lawyer-made document types you can quickly customize and build with our platform. If we don't have an HR template you need, a leading employment law firm will build us one, free of charge to you. Or, bring your own template.">Document Vectors by Vecteezy

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Use an existing goheather Canadian lawyer-made document template like our employment contract, contractors agreement or full and final release.">Document Vectors by Vecteezy

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Have a document type you need but we don't offer it yet? Our lawyers from a leading local law firm will build it for you, free of charge.">Document Vectors by Vecteezy

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Want to bring your document types and templates into goHeather? We would be happy to program them into our system for you, free of charge.

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Frequently Asked Questions
We have answers to all your questions

Are goHeather employment contracts enforceable?

Licensed Canadian lawyers drafted each goHeather provincial employment contract in 2023 to match the latest law in each province. Drawing on recent provincial Court of Appeal and Supreme Court of Canada employment contract jurisprudence, goHeather's lawyers meticulously crafted every word in our templates with a view to matching what is considered enforceable according to those courts.

Therefore, goHeather employment contracts are as enforceable as possible for a template. However, it is impossible to guarantee enforceability because a court could hold that one of the clauses in our contracts is void now or in the future. The law is subject to change.

At the same time, goHeather contracts, although customizable, could be held by a court to be enforceable for one customer but unenforceable for another because the facts of both cases differed. No two cases are the same.

Furthermore, because you have the ability to add your own text to our contracts, and we cannot review the quality of your own text, we cannot guarantee your contract's enforceability.

Accordingly, we cannot guarantee that goHeather contracts are enforceable. Still, we can say that Canadian lawyers designed the goHeather templates as recently as this year to be enforceable. Our lawyers took a blueprint from the Canadian employment law jurisprudence and applied it to our templates.

Are goHeather employment contracts one size fits all?

goHeather employment contracts are customizable. We ask you different questions to make you a unique contract. We also have many options for different standard terms, such as termination. In addition, you can add your own paragraphs (with your own text) to our contracts.

Keep in mind, however, that goHeather's employment contracts are modelled on traditional employment contracts for the average Canadian worker in almost every industry. Therefore, if you have ultra-niche needs, goHeather may not work for you.

goHeather employment contracts are designed for many common employment relationships, but not for all. If your hiring needs are complex, consider retaining a lawyer in your jurisdiction. We do not refer or recommend any one lawyer or law firm.

Also, remember that employment contracts should not be twenty-page documents stipulating every condition of employment. You should use an employment contract to cover the critical conditions parties typically sue over. Then you may draft on your own specific policies for conditions that need not be included in an employment contract, like an overtime approval policy, dress code, or acceptable use of electronics policy, just as examples.

Therefore, while goHeather is essentially a one-sized-fits-all service that you can customize for the most important terms and conditions of employment, you can still use goHeather even if you require to contract for niche workplace conditions because you have the right as an employer to delegate policies and procedures after the employment contract is signed. According to Canadian law, policies and procedures can be oral, implied or communicated in writing. However, we caution you to consult with a lawyer before using your own text in our documents because the language you create could be void in your jurisdiction.

For example, let's say you want to create an employment contract with an averaging agreement for overtime. goHeather does not have an averaging agreement for overtime, but you can still use goHeather for your standard employment contract and then provide your employees with an averaging agreement that you make on your own (or from a lawyer) as a separate document. Or, you and your lawyer can add your own custom paragraph in various sections of our employment contracts.

What's so special about goHeather's employment contracts?

Licensed Canadian lawyers write each of our templates with a view to enforceability and liability protection. This way, goHeather's employment contracts are more enforceable and serve to better protect your business. For example, a contract for sale online by one of our competitors made for California employers may not be enforceable in Ontario because of different employment standards in these jurisdictions. However, unlike some of our competitors, all of our employment contracts are tailor-made for each different jurisdiction we operate in. We do not sell contracts for jurisdictions we do not have a contract template built for. All our employment contracts are local.

Furthermore, while other legal document downloads websites have existed for many years, goHeather is the only document download website in the world focused on employment law documents only. Employment law is our focus. goHeather was founded by an employment lawyer who saw a solution for small and medium sized business to have excellent employment law legal documents without the prohibitively expensive cost of retaining a lawyer.

Can I get legal advice?

We are not a law firm or a lawyer and cannot offer legal services, advice or support. We are a legal information provider. If you need legal services, advice or support, or if your needs are too complex for goHeather, contact a licensed lawyer in your jurisdiction. We cannot provide legal services, advice or support before you use our services, while you use our services or after you use our services. We also do not refer lawyers or recommend any one lawyer or law firm

Can I add my own text?

Yes! goHeather asks you if you would like to create your own custom paragraphs to be inserted into our template in various sections of our employment contract. Consult with a lawyer if you have any questions about the enforceability of your own text.

Can I edit goHeather’s contract?

With goHeather, you can build a custom contract using Heather’s premade clauses, choosing which clauses to include in your contract as you go. However, you cannot edit the contents of the clauses in the application because if you were to edit the clause yourself without a lawyer, you would seriously risk making it unenforceable. goHeather is designed to help protect you from making bad contracts. However, you can make your own paragraphs with your own text in goHeather's contracts, but consider getting legal advice on your proposed text before you do.

Is goHeather an application for employees?

No. goHeather is only for employers. Employees do not have access to goHeather. Employers use goHeather to create and send employment contracts to employees, while employees are only given access to a form to sign their employment contract. Thereafter, only Employers have access to goHeather's CMS dashboard containing employee profiles and copies of contracts.

Does goHeather offer technical support?

Yes we provide technical support. Use the chat button in the app for help with the contract or send us an email

What are goHeather's technology requirements?

You must use the browser on your PC or Mac to use Heather's services. You cannot use our services on a mobile phone.

Does goHeather offer refunds?

goHeather does not provide refunds after you have purchased your contract unless you have a bug or other error. However, you can see if you like your contract by building one and viewing it for free before you purchase it.

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