Lawyers Are Too Expensive For Small Employers - New Software Will Change The Industry

The problem of the high cost of lawyers for small business

Employment lawyers are an important part of any business for employers, but they can be expensive, especially for small businesses. This can make it difficult for small businesses to afford the HR legal help they need.

There are a few reasons why lawyers are so expensive for small businesses. One of the main reasons is that lawyers are trained professionals who have spent years in school (which now costs of $100,000+) learning about the law and honing their skills. This training and expertise comes with a high price tag.

Another reason why lawyers are expensive for small businesses is that they often charge by the hour. This means that the more time a lawyer spends working on a case (and there are lots of things to do on a case), the more expensive it will be for the business. This can be especially difficult for small business employers who may need to consult a lawyer for endless things like hiring, termination, policy creation and workplace investigations. 

Despite these challenges, there are ways that small business employers can get affordable help with their legal needs. One option is to use online legal services, which can provide legal documents at a lower cost than hiring a lawyer. These services can be a good option for small businesses that need help with simple legal tasks, such as creating contracts or registering a business.

Typically, when you use reputable online legal services, you are getting the benefit of having a document or some other thing like business registration designed by a lawyer. This way, you are using the brain of a lawyer, just not paying for the individual service of that brain.

Online legal services have come a long way, and with the boom in SaaS businesses on the cloud, online legal services will only become more prominent.

goHeather is an example of an online legal service making legal documents far cheaper than hiring a lawyer.

goHeather helps employers create, send for signature and store employment contracts that both comply with local laws and oust costly common law employee entitlements quickly, inexpensively, and easily.

goHeather has two core functions: (1) Contract Generator and (2) HR CMS.

Employers use goHeather’s Contract Generator to make employment contracts from lawyer-made templates. Employers then use goHeather’s HR CMS to download copies of their signed employment contracts and view key employee information like termination entitlements and compensation.

goHeather is different from other legal document generators because we focus on employment documents only and all our templates are custom-made by lawyers for each jurisdiction we operate in. In addition, unlike some of the competition, all of goHeather’s templates are reviewed constantly for changes in local laws that affect the interpretation and enforcement of our templates. When a local law is changed that affects a goHeather customer’s document, we send an automatic email to the affected customer explaining the issue, and then we update our templates accordingly.

What is the problem goHeather is solving?

Many small businesses either don’t use employment contracts because lawyers are too expensive. As a result, many small businesses have no protection from expensive common law employment liabilities, among other shortcomings. 

What is goHeather’s solution to the problem?

goHeather helps employers create, send for signature sign store moreenforceable employment contracts that limit liability, and we do it quickly, inexpensively, and easily.

Build Local
Employment Contracts

goHeather lets you build local employment contracts from lawyer-made templates in minutes. goHeather's industry leading employment contracts come with a free e-signature feature and access to our dashboard for viewing all your employment contracts and key information for all the employees you contracted through the app.

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